AWS DevOps

Why Companies Are Turning to AWS Managed Services

The dramatic cost savings that cloud computing can deliver is driving more and more companies to migrate more resources to the cloud, including turning to cloud consulting companies for managed services. Computerworld’s Tech Forecast 2017 study found that 80 percent of enterprises have moved at...
20 September 2017

AWS DevOps

How DevOps on AWS is Enabling SaaS Businesses

Innovate Faster on AWS DevOps is the idea of rapidly innovating, changing, testing, and pushing code in an automated fashion. Amazon Web Services gives businesses the tools to build elastic and highly scalable applications. Watch our video to learn more about how DevOps on AWS is enabling SaaS...
14 September 2017

AWS DevOps Success Stories

CorpInfo & AWS Case Study: FastSpring

AWS CI/CD Case Study FastSpring powers the digital economy, they provide a cloud hosted platform that enables people to sell digital content online. When FastSpring wanted to break up their monolith, they reached out to CorpInfo to help them build an enterprise-level CI/CD pipeline to drive...
23 August 2017

AWS DevOps Whitepapers

How to Deploy Docker on AWS Whitepaper

Container technology is slowly moving into the DevOps realm, creating a new methodology for designing, managing, deploying, and scaling services. Container technologies, such as Docker, were developed with that goal in mind – to make it easier to develop and deploy applications. In this whitepaper,...
13 April 2017

AWS Big Data DevOps Success Stories

How TrueCar Leveraged AWS for DevOps and Rapid...

The ability to innovate faster gives growing companies a competitive advantage. On Amazon Web Services (AWS), TrueCar was able to spin up new development environments in 15 minutes to prototype new ideas, rather than spending countless months on architecting and testing in data centers. See how...
06 March 2017

AWS DevOps

How to Use AWS CLI to Find Untagged Instances

Using Amazon Web Services Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) to Find Instances without a 'Name' Tag Many times I’ve needed to find AWS EC2 instances without a certain tag. Usually its the Name tag but other tags come up from time to time (we use a tag of Owner quite a bit here at CorpInfo). After...
28 February 2017

AWS DevOps

What are the Business Benefits of a DevOps...

What can a DevOps culture do for your business? Traditionally, technology roles were seen as pockets of excellence that enabled an IT company to make the most of its resources. However, this idea is changing given the dynamic business environment and intense competition that prevails in today's...
22 February 2017

AWS Big Data DevOps Security

Our Top 10 AWS Blog Posts

Last year was an exciting year for AWS and CorpInfo. New services were announced, re:Invent was bigger than ever, and we able to help hundreds of customers leave those legacy data centers behind and move to the cloud. From big data to DevOps, we've highlighted a few of our favorites below in our...
17 January 2017

AWS DevOps

How to Champion Cloud Adoption in your...

Having trouble championing cloud adoption in your organization? Watch our subject matter experts Stephen Garden, VP of Cloud Services, and Alex Capehart, Head of Sales, discuss how to get your team on board and using the cloud to grow your business in our How to Champion Cloud Adoption in your...
22 December 2016

AWS DevOps Whitepapers

CI/CD on AWS Whitepaper

Simplify CI/CD on AWS In this whitepaper you will learn how CI/CD on AWS makes it easier for DevOps teams to build, test, and deploy apps in the cloud.
24 October 2016
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