CorpInfo Featured in TechTarget Discussing...

On October 27th CorpInfo's AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Laith Al-Saadoon was featured in TechTarget's SearchCloudComputing article discussing how serverless computing helps enterprises reduce cloud resource worries. An excerpt of the article can be found below.
26 October 2016

AWS Big Data Success Stories

CorpInfo & AWS Case Study: TrueCar

AWS Big Data Case Study TrueCar is an online digital car buying marketplace that aims to make car buying simple, fair, and fun. The organization was experiencing growth challenges with their existing data center technology, so they turned to CorpInfo and Amazon Web Services. Watch our video case...
26 October 2016

AWS DevOps Whitepapers

CI/CD on AWS Whitepaper

Simplify CI/CD on AWS In this whitepaper you will learn how CI/CD on AWS makes it easier for DevOps teams to build, test, and deploy apps in the cloud.
24 October 2016

AWS Big Data Videos

Making IT Happen with Amazon Aurora

CorpInfo’s Jeremy Bendat met up with our Head of Managed Services Tim Fox to discuss our excitement around Amazon Aurora. Watch CorpInfo’s Making IT Happen with Amazon Aurora video blog to learn more.  
19 October 2016

AWS Whitepapers

Amazon EMR Tutorial: Apache Zeppelin with Phoenix...

Amazon EMR Tutorial: Apache Zeppelin with Phoenix and HBase Interpreters on Amazon EMR At CorpInfo, we use Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) heavily for both customer projects and internal use-cases when we need to crunch huge datasets in the cloud. Amazon EMR simplifies the process of spinning up and...
11 October 2016

AWS Big Data Videos

Building a Lambda Architecture in AWS for Big Data

Laith Al-Saadoon, an AWS Solutions Architect and head of CorpInfo’s big data practice discusses building a Lambda Big Data Architecture in Amazon Web Services that can be used to analyze big data. Watch our video to learn more about how CorpInfo is helping our customers grow their business in the...
05 October 2016


Increasing the Bottom Line by Diversifying IT...

Why should you move your IT infrastructure into Amazon Web Services and what are the benefits of AWS? Cloud computing provides IT infrastructure capabilities to organizations, liberating them from devoting people and resources to activities that don’t directly contribute to their bottom line. This...
30 September 2016

AWS Managed Services Videos

Managing Cost in AWS

Want to learn more about managing cost in AWS? Utility computing requires continual monitoring and waste reduction effort. CorpInfo provides our customers with guidance to help manage their monthly spend in AWS. We offer access to CloudCheckr tooling, personal financial analyst support,...
20 September 2016


The Benefits of Moving to AWS

Why should you move your IT infrastructure into the AWS cloud? AWS delivers computing resources as a service, liberating companies from devoting resources to activities that don’t directly contribute to their bottom line. This allows companies to focus on the core competency of their business...
15 September 2016


Hacked Companies Still Prioritize Innovation Over...

Cybersecurity is Low Priority Even After Attack In a recent KPMG study 80% of executives acknowledged that their organizations had been compromised by cyber attacks in the last two year. However, only half had invested in information security over the last 12 months.
13 September 2016
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