CorpInfo Celebrates 30 Years of Transforming Information Technology into Business Value

By CorpInfo - April 17, 2013

CorpInfo, an award-winning information technology consulting firm, marks its 30th anniversary of serving Southern California. CorpInfo optimizes the value of information technology by providing cloud and infrastructure solutions, collaboration technologies, and managed services.

CorpInfo was established in 1983 at the inception of the client-server era.  Founders Ahmad Gramian and Michael Sabourian recognized the tremendous potential this architecture had to provide a cost-effective alternative to mainframe computing.

“We understood the potential that networked personal computers had to revolutionize workplace productivity,” Sabourian said.  “But, corporations needed partners to help understand and select the right technologies for their environment.  We wanted to be that partner and trusted advisor to our clients.”

The Early Leader in Advanced Systems Design

CorpInfo established itself as an early leader in networking and systems design.  While many competitors focused on PC and equipment sales, CorpInfo consulted with clients to design their distributed computing architecture.

CorpInfo was a charter member of MicroAge Infosystems Services, an elite team of qualified systems integrators who provided advanced systems design to large enterprise accounts.  At its height, there were only 76 members of this exclusive group nationwide.

“From our founding we have focused on providing solutions,” Gramian said. “We started with a focus on network architecture and design, and have expanded our focus as technology has evolved. Today we manage complex technology deployment projects and provide comprehensive managed services.”

Service and Support

As client-server architecture became more prevalent, there was an increased need for support services to maintain these systems.  CorpInfo built a technical team with advanced technical expertise, certifications, and customer service skills.  To maintain consistent quality across all areas of service delivery, CorpInfo implemented a comprehensive training program that involved engineers, sales, and operations personnel.

Highlights of this program included the establishment of CISU, an in-house university with two full-time Microsoft Certified Trainers.  This training was augmented with Tuesday night technical roundtables and day-long workshops.  In addition to technical training, CorpInfo developed customer service training curricula that was so well received, several of our enterprise clients requested training for their in-house support staff.

CorpInfo coupled its technical expertise with quality assurance processes to monitor and ensure service quality.

Verne McNamara was the second employee CorpInfo hired and today is its Technical Services Manager.  “We were very focused on 100% customer satisfaction,” McNamara said.  “I took a lot of pride in the work I did and the service I provided to clients to keep their systems up and running.”

Project Management and Methodologies

As CorpInfo began to deliver an increasing number of large-scale, complex technology projects, it became evident that a framework was required to successfully plan and execute these initiatives.  CorpInfo developed a project management methodology that provided a structured framework, yet was still flexible and responsive to specific organizational requirements.

CorpInfo was at the forefront of developing a program management methodology and established a successful model well ahead of the industry, including the leading technology manufacturers.  When manufacturers released their methodologies, such as the Microsoft Solution Framework, it was found that CorpInfo’s methodology closely mirrored the key features.

In 2000 the Standish Group, a leading industry analyst in the area of project management, analyzed over 30,000 IT projects over a five-year period.  It found that collaborative program management created the greatest success, even higher than that of other project management methodologies.  CorpInfo showed leadership and foresight in having a collaborative team model approach in its methodology from the outset, years ahead of this groundbreaking survey.

Technical Vision

While looking to be agile and responsive in embracing new solutions, CorpInfo is careful to evaluate the long-term potential of new technology to avoid steering our clients towards stopgap solutions without strategic value.

“We seek to understand what our clients need and build our business based on those needs,” Gramian said.  “Our goal is to help organizations become more agile and responsive while reducing cost and streamlining operations.”

CorpInfo was one of the first firms to recognize the value of several innovative technologies.  Some examples include:

  • Selected to beta test HP MC/ServiceGuard in our Advanced Technology Lab
  • Created the Exchange Migration Toolkit for Microsoft’s Platform Toolkit CD which was distributed by Microsoft to its entire sales force and all 12,500 certified partners
  • One of six Windows NT 5.0/2000 Rapid Deployment Program partners nationwide
  • Deployed one of the earliest and largest Systems Management Server deployments in Southern California to a 13,000 user organization
  • Designed one of the early storage area networks for one of the nation's largest research centers and patience care facilities
  • Awarded CompTIA Innovative Service Award for proactive managed services
  • Microsoft Cloud Deployment Partner - select group of partners selected to deploy cloud solutions to enterprise customers
  • Amazon Premier Consulting Partner - one of the top partners globally

A Company Built on People

CorpInfo has always been focused on the providing the best people, process, and technology to its clients, but the foundation of our success is our people.  In this competitive industry, employee turnover is the norm. However, the CorpInfo family has longevity of tenure unmatched in the industry.

Brent Mori was the first employee CorpInfo hired and today is its IT Manager.  “I enjoy the opportunity to work with my teammates in exploring and learning new technologies,” Mori said.  “It is exciting to see how the industry has evolved from paper-based printing and faxing to today’s advanced communications and collaboration solutions.”

CorpInfo team members recognize that they are appreciated.  This is evidenced by an employee nominating CorpInfo for the 2011 Secretary of Defense Freedom Award in recognition of exemplary support of Guard and Reserve employees.

“Out of the numerous awards we have received, this recognition is especially meaningful,” Sabourian said. “I am proud that our employees feel we are supporting them as they serve our country.  Our team understands that we value them and their contributions to the organization and their communities.”

CorpInfo is not just focused on supporting its team members, but in supporting the community. CorpInfo is committed to the Southern California community where our company and people support numerous charitable causes. Read more about our community services at our CorpInfo Cares page.

Optimizing the Value of Information Technology

CorpInfo is building on its roots as a consulting firm by staying abreast of the current challenges confronting organizations and identifying solutions that bring value and optimize our client’s information technology investments.

“We support technologies that enable business processes,” Gramian said. Currently we are focused on solutions that improve communications, collaboration, and business insight."

Learn more about how CorpInfo helps clients in the areas of mobility, cloud computing, communications, and collaboration.

Awards and notable achievements

  • Microsoft Southern California Partner of Year
  • HP OpenView Crystal Award
  • North America Lotus Distinguished Achievement Award
  • HP All Star Partner multiple consecutive quarters
  • Compaq Service Award for customer satisfaction and operational performance
  • Microsoft Partner Award for Best Practices and Excellence in Competency
  • Microsoft Southern California Enterprise Accounts Partner Excellence Award
  • CompTIA and MSP Partners Innovative Service Award in the Area of Managed Services
  • Recognition Award for services provided to non-profit community agencies
  • Nominated for Secretary of Defense Freedom Award
  • Southern California International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) Partnering for Success Award
  • AWS Premier Consulting Partner

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Founded in 1983, CorpInfo is a leading technology firm providing cloud consulting services, infrastructure solutions, and managed services. We use our experience to ensure that clients have the best technical solutions to solve their business challenges and deliver value for their organization.

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