CorpInfo & AWS Case Study: FastSpring

By Amanda McQueen - August 23, 2017

AWS CI/CD Case Study

FastSpring powers the digital economy, they provide a cloud hosted platform that enables people to sell digital content online. When FastSpring wanted to break up their monolith, they reached out to CorpInfo to help them build an enterprise-level CI/CD pipeline to drive business innovation, increase efficiency for their developers, and provide robust controls for automating their deployment process. Watch our video case study below to learn more about how FastSpring has found success with CorpInfo and AWS.

 Video Transcription

FastSpring engaged with CorpInfo’s DevOps team to create a new CI/CD toolchain leveraging an AWS-based infrastructure and Docker microservices to accelerate their ability to build and deploy e-commerce services. The project kicked off by bringing CorpInfo on-site for a discovery day so everyone could come together and express their pain points with the existing infrastructure. 

The CorpInfo and FastSpring teams talked about taking a holistic approach to the overall technology, but also looking at where the business was trying to go. CorpInfo became aligned to their vision and was soon able to define a plan for the tools that needed to built to help FastSpring along the path.

After the CI/CD toolchain was complete. CorpInfo showed the FastSpring team how the new infrastructure was going to work. We also trained them on how to run it, how to build the entire process, and in what sequence and how to look at the results and troubleshoot, if they ever ran into any issues. As the project went on there was this general sense of encouragement amongst the team who was engaged in seeing what was taking shape and excitement about how this would help FastSpring improve their build process.

"In my mind being able to innovate is being able to do something and fail fast. With the toolset that CorpInfo helped us build, we get somebody up and running real quick and help them innovate in the area that they want to innovate."                                      

 Ashutosh Chitnis, Director of Software Engineering at FastSpring

The new CI/CD pipeline has helped FastSpring achieve their goals of improved efficiency and security. FastSpring’s developers can now quickly build/deploy code, collaborate, conduct load testing and monitoring, and better manage their new DevOps environment to drive business innovation and better serve their customers.

"CorpInfo created a high-performance toolset that moved FastSpring into the future of automated deployment."            

– Mike Smith, Chief Technology Officer at FastSpring

Operating in the cloud has provided FastSpring with tremendous flexibility because they can scale out, scale back in, and adjust their consumption for workloads. Working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) also gives them a great opportunity to consume the services that they're providing, which means they can have a lower cost to maintain their infrastructure as compared to if they were hosting their own data centers or creating some of those services themselves, or even licensing services from others. Having it in that AWS stack makes it very convenient for FastSpring. 

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